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We live in the fastest growing region of our state, yet our infrastructure, roads, and bridges have not kept pace with our growth. With our rising population and tremendous economic growth, it is time our roads and bridges get the attention they deserve to make them safe. Due to conservative state planning and budgeting, SC has billions in surplus revenues. I will work with the Charleston Delegation to bring home our fair share of dollars to fix our roads, interstates, and bridges. 


Every child deserves a quality education. As an elected member of the Charleston County School Board from 2014-2018, I saw firsthand how our tax dollars did not find their way into the classroom. I plan to not only stand up for the taxpayers of District 80, but ensure our tax dollars go to giving teachers raises and improving the quality of education our children receive. 

Transparency & Communication 

Government is designed to work for you and your family. During my years as President of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce and the Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts, I worked to streamline and modernize the way we communicated to the community. As your next State House Representative, transparency and communication will be a top priority of mine. I will listen to your input and always update you on matters of importance on the local and state level.



Chris is a lifelong resident of the Charleston area and his roots go deep. After graduating from Wofford College and the University of South Carolina School of Law, he and his wife Tanya moved to Mount Pleasant where they raised their 3 children. Their children currently attend Wando High School, Clemson University and the University of Texas at Austin. 


Chris is the owner of the Staubes Law Firm, where he focuses his energies on assisting small business owners with their legal needs. In addition, he advises the City of Charleston with its affordable housing efforts, and uses the practical skills he learned as a member of the Charleston County School Board to help charter schools succeed. 


Chris' community service includes, but is not limited to: 

  • President Emeritus of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce

  • President of the Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts of America



  1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR and VOTE STAUBES FOR HOUSE. Every vote counts! If you’re planning to be out of town or you have concerns about keeping a safe social distance, vote absentee! You can do so by following the steps here.

  2. MAKE PHONE CALLS. Now, more than ever, making calls to encourage voters to support Chris is the best way to contact voters. If you want to make calls from home please contact the campaign at (843) 224-2413 to get a list of voters to call. It’s easy and fun with our new app that you can download on your smartphone.

  3. SHARE AND LIKE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. We need your help to increase our followers on social media. Please take a moment today to LIKE AND SHARE our Facebook It’s the easiest way to help get our message out to the community. If you need instructions on how to best ‘Share our Page’ click here.

  4. MAKE A FINANCIAL INVESTMENT.  Campaigns cost money especially in these times of social distancing. Please consider making an investment in Chris’ campaign so that we can get our message out using signs, direct mail and online advertising. To contribute to the campaign, please visit

  5. DIY VIDEO ENDORSEMENT. Make your own video for your social media pages. Explain why you’re supporting Chris in less than 3 minutes and remind people about the June 14 election. Encourage people to vote absentee. Let us know when you’ve posted something so we can “share” it with others.

  6. HOST A VIRTUAL MEET-AND-GREET. In current times of social distancing, there are still ways to introduce Chris to your friends. Using online software, like Zoom, you can host an online meet-and-greet with 10-15 of your friends and Chris. If you are interested in setting this up, please contact us.

  7. EMAIL, CALL, WRITE! Tell your friends why they should vote for Chris Staubes. Take a few minutes to call, text, and email your neighbors and let them know why Chris is the right choice.

  8. SUBMIT A LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Take a few minutes to write a letter to the editor and submit it to your local newspaper. This is a quality way to get out the reason why you’re supporting Chris Staubes for State House. 

  9. REQUEST A YARD SIGN OR BUMPER STICKER. Let your neighbors know you support Chris. We will have a volunteer drop a sign off at your home. To make your request, call or email the campaign at (843) 224-2413 or





PO Box 942, Charleston, SC 29402

Tel:  843-224-2413


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